Une machine à fabrication de Coldbrew entouré de différents contenant de Coldbrew et de grain de cafés dans une ambiance steampunk

Learn all the secrets of “Coldbrew” coffee | COFFEE WORKSHOP |

Are you curious to discover what is hidden in this cold brewed drink, a must-have in scorching summers but also a delight for all coffee aficionados all year round?

Discover the art of Cold Brew Coffee, the refreshing new trend that has already captured the hearts of many coffee lovers!

The art of Cold Brew lies in its slow, careful cold extraction process, which requires patience and expertise. The result ? A fresh, deliciously aromatic drink, with just the right amount of sweetness and a total absence of bitterness, which makes it unique.

Our workshop will immerse you in the fascinating world of Cold Brew: you will learn how to prepare a perfect Cold Brew Coffee and explore its many variations. Whether in a latte, infused with fruit, transformed into an innovative cocktail, or even in a 'nitro' version for the more adventurous, we will guide you through several recipes and tastings. You'll leave armed with the knowledge and skills to recreate these delights at home, ready to impress your guests or savor a moment of pure caffeinated pleasure in any season.


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