une machine à espresso de style steampunk coulant un délicieux café avec un beau crema.

Make a Perfect Espresso at Home | COFFEE WORKSHOP |

What if we told you that few jobs in the world are as close to the profession of alchemist as that of designer of espresso machines: generations of manufacturers have sought, and still seek, to achieve the ultimate extraction, perfection!

Come and discover during this workshop how the espresso machine was invented, how it works and then how to use it best. The pressure, the dosage, the grind, the preparation in the filter holder... all the keys to making your espresso a success at home. And you will taste the difference! This workshop will also allow you to identify what the defects are and how to correct them. We'll be purists for now!

Next, we will review the different variations around espresso, from ristretto to flat white to cappuccino and a cocktail.

To your taste buds!

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