Une tasse de café de style steampunk entouré de cerise de café et de café en grain et moulu

The Alchemy of Coffee: From Bean to Perfect Cup | COFFEE WORKSHOP |

Are you fascinated by the promises of escape suggested by the exotic names of your roaster's coffees but the reality does not always correspond to your expectations?

From the coffee cherry grower to the extraction at home or in your favorite coffee lab, one mistake in the entire process and, suddenly, it's a mess!

In our workshop "The Alchemy of Coffee, from the Bean to the Perfect Cup", we will reveal to you all the secrets hidden in each coffee bean.

After giving you all the keys to teach you how to select your coffee, we will guide you step by step through the process of transforming a simple cup of coffee into a real nectar that would make the most experienced barista jealous!

At each phase of this learning, we will share with you a barista secret and you will have the opportunity to concretely taste the difference. Whether you are a filter fan or an espresso enthusiast, prepare yourself for an experience that will forever change the way you perceive and taste coffee.


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