Un café de spécialité fait avec une machine slow coffee V60 dans une ambiance steampunk

Slow coffee: the great return of filter methods | COFFEE WORKSHOP |

Are you nostalgic for that intoxicating smell of your grandparents' coffee flowing gently from the kettle?

For all coffee enthusiasts who cherish memories of filter coffee lovingly prepared in the kitchens of yesteryear, it's time for rediscovery!

Slow Coffee, these traditional and authentic methods of preparing coffee are making a comeback to the delight of baristas and coffee addicts!

Today, techniques like the Vacuum Siphon, the Chemex, the Aeropress, the V60, or the French press, offer a wide range of flavors and new experiences.

In this workshop, we will take you on a journey through these different methods. We will share with you the tips for perfect extraction, adapted to each of these techniques.

You will of course have the unique opportunity to try them yourself to discover which method resonates best with your taste buds.

Come explore the world of Slow Coffee and find the extraction method that’s meant for you!


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