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FUNKY FRINSA: specialty coffee | Indonesia

FUNKY FRINSA: specialty coffee | Indonesia

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A word from the roaster

The funkiest coffee I've ever had!

A sensation in the mouth and a pleasure of discovery that I would associate without hesitation with that of a great wine.

A coffee on another level, just crazy!


  • Type of coffee: 100% arabica
  • Variety : Sigarar Utang, Andung Sari, Timor, Ateng
  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Altitude: 1300 - 1500m
  • Process: natural + anaerobic fermentation 14 days

Flavor profile

intense, complex & structured.

Intense notes of red wine, matured vinegar, fermented blackcurrant, tangerine and milk chocolate. Long finish on lavender

Imagine a very well matured vinegar from Italy with an intensity of sake, soy sauce, mango and very thick peach juice… Surprising, right?

Want to know more ?

Funky Frinsa is an Indonesian coffee with an overflowing audacity with a cupping score of 87.5. Fruit of the work of farmer Wildan, this coffee of the Sigarar Utang variety is distinguished by an anaerobic fermentation of 14 days. Its flavor is surprisingly reminiscent of Rujag Bebeg, a local Indonesian dish, giving it a funky and experimental character. A coffee that breaks conventions, “Rujak Bebeg” is a celebration of bold craftsmanship, promising a taste experience that is as crazy as it is unforgettable

Indonesian coffee cherry farmer posing in front of his coffee trees

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to come and meet us in our Coffee Lab in Ixelles!

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