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SHINY DIIMA: specialty coffee | ETHIOPIA

SHINY DIIMA: specialty coffee | ETHIOPIA

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A word from the roaster

A refreshing coffee with notes of pink grapefruit. Ideally enjoyed on the doorstep, on a sunny day, while greeting the neighbors!

To be enjoyed without further delay!


  • Type of coffee: 100% arabica
  • Variety : Dehga, Walisho
  • Country of origin: Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1800 - 2200m
  • Process: washed

Flavor profile

Incredibly complex and balanced. A juicy, sweet coffee with refreshing notes of acidity and an aftertaste of pink grapefruit!

A red-tinged profile on the flavor wheel!

Want to know more ?

Our SHINY DIIMA comes from the Suke Kuto washing station, nestled in the Oddo Shakiso district of Guji. This region, recognized for its exceptional potential for coffee production, benefits from a unique rainfall pattern.

According to our Ethiopian Flavor Wheel, this coffee falls into the "Diima" category, a term that means "red" in the Oromiffa language. This promises a cup full of intensity, with notes of fruity candies, violet flowers and tropical fruits such as mango and banana.

At the cupping table, we were dazzled by the aromas of tropical fruit and juicy citric acidity, ideal for summer. We also perceived soft floral notes and tea-like profiles, offering very well-structured coffees.

cultivation of coffee trees in ethiopia

Suke Kuto Drying Station

This station is managed by Tesema Areri and Mr. Sida Udessa, who collaborate with 150 external producers delivering their cherries to Suke Kuto. Regarding production potential, although coffee productivity varies, farmers harvest around 2 to 4 kg of coffee per tree, aiming to plant some 2500 trees per hectare with a spacing of 2x2 meters.

In addition to their collaboration with producers, they also own 80 hectares of land where they started growing coffee in 2015 in a forest area rich in vegetation, with special care given to weeding three times a year. Tesema and Sida are very happy with the management of the farm and the external producers, all dedicated at every step to produce exceptional quality coffee.

About the region

Suke Kuto drying station is located in the southern part of Ethiopia, in the Guji zone of Oromia regional state. The soil is dark brown, sandy loam, rich in organic matter and the altitude varies from 1800 to 2200 meters.


Oddo Shakiso's agroecology consists of three climatic zones: Kolla (tropical), Weyne Dega (subtropical) and Dega (cool). The region benefits from a bi-modal rainfall pattern, with two rainy seasons per year, receiving on average 1200-1600 mm of annual rain.

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to come and meet us in our Coffee Lab in Ixelles!

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